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Deacon Scott

(PERMANENT ) DEACON SCOTT TITMAS Congratulations Scott on your Ordination to the Diaconate!!!
Scott Titmas was born in Paterson, NJ and moved to Wayne when he was seven. He was raised Reformed Protestant and was active in his church as a youth. He married his wife, Beatrice in 1984 and they have “three wonderful boys;” Scott 27, Chris 25, and Douglas 17. “It took several years of reflection, but with encouragement from my wife,” Scott converted to Catholicism in 1997 (RCIA). He states “his children’s influence” served as the catalyst in his decision to live the Catholic faith. Scott always had a deep-seated compassion for children with developmental issues. While attending college at Glassboro State, he opted to become an Assistant Scoutmaster of a special needs Boy Scout troop. Upon his conversion, he became an Aide and subsequently, a Teacher at our Special Needs PREP program, where he taught for fourteen years. He now serves as Coordinator of the program. Scott managed his own Construction Company for twenty-five years. He also worked part-time in our parish’s maintenance department while continuing to operate his business. Scott decided to join Saint Thomas as a full-time employee and now is the Director of Maintenance. Scott states, “I always felt that God was calling me.” Accordingly, four years ago, this discernment prompted his decision to enroll in the Diocese’s Diaconate program discover this. After a considerable amount of time and hard work, together with the loving support of family, friends, encouragement from Msgr. Behl and all the Priests and Staff of the Parish, Scott was ordained as a Permanent Deacon on June 6, at Saint Francis Cathedral. His dedication to our faith and his commitment to our Parish is heart-warming. All STA parishioners congratulate Scott for his decision to serve God and all of us at St. Thomas as a Deacon of Christ’s Church.