$12,000 Cash Calendar

Parish Activities

Each month's scene depicts one of our Church's beautiful stained glass windows - and each of the 366 days of the 2020 leap-year offers a cash prize ranging from $25 (weekdays) to $50 (Sundays) to $100 (9 holidays) to $500 on both Easter and Christmas.

That's a total of $12,000 in prize money!

Each $25 calendar is individually numbered with a tear-off section to fill in the recipient's name and address. We keep the tear-off - you give the calendar as a gift. (Make sure to reserve one for yourself, too!)

Each daily winner will be sent a check for that day's prize. You can win more than once as each winning number is returned to the pot for the next day's drawing.

A total of 1,500 calendars will be sold - so please stop by the "Welcome Table" in the Church Lobby after weekend Masses to reserve your "gift" that keeps on giving throughout the year.