"Take Me Away" at Hunterdon Hills Playhouse

Mar 23 10:00am Around the Diocese

Come join Fr. Jay for a trip to Hunterdon Hills Playhouse to see “Take Me Away!” Matinee: $90 per person, includes Transportation, Meal and Show. (Pick up time 10:00am at St. Thomas)

“Take Me Away,” transports audiences to the bustling city of London for a one of a kind, immersive dinner theatre experience! Upon arriving in ourdining room, a host of lively street performers will greet you and set the scene as if you are on the bustling streets of Covent Garden, London. When the stage show begins, you will be joined by world-famous sleuth, Sherlock Holmes and his trusted mate, Dr. Watson, on a hilarious musical quest to solve one of his most baffling adventures, the mystery of love! The audience members may find they hold the clues to solving the mystery on their own dining room table.