Parish Council


Chairman: Robert Wright
Vice Chairman: Jennifer Pasqua
Secretary: MaryAnn Donoghue

Building and Grounds

Chairpersons: Ronald Zastocki


Chairperson:  Lisa Giuliano

Our goal is to make known events within the Parish and communicate them through the local media.

Evangelization and Faith Formation

Chairpersons: Chris Doyle (Evangelization), Susan Sirianni (Faith Formation)

Members spread the Good News of Christ by listening, sharing their faith and prayer.

Family Life

Chairpersons: Deidre Sawyer

The ministry coordinates and organizes fun family events and helps with special Parish functions.

Finance Committee

Finance Council Regresentative: Bernard Wisniewski

Liturgy Committee

Chairperson: Justin Connors  (

The Liturgy Committee consists of the Coordinators of the Liturgical Ministries, Pastor, Priests and Deacons. The Committee meets several times during the year.

The Liturgy Committee meets to provide on-going support and communication of the ministries, to provide feedback, to coordinate activities, programs, and all special liturgies, and to participate in the planning of the liturgical life of the parish. The committee coordinates activities, programs, all special liturgies and participates in the planning of the liturgical life of the parish.

Each liturgical coordinator, appropriately formed and educated, is responsible for the recruitment, training and formation of their ministers. They are required to schedule, evaluate and encourage their ministers.

Religious Education

Director of CCD (PREP): Mrs. Debbie Yesis (

Please refer to the main menu (Religious Education) to see information concerning our PREP department.

School Principal’s Report

Chairperson: Joanne Kowit (

Social Ministry

Chairperson: Deacon Patrick W. Hearty (

Youth Ministry

Director: Ms. Cassie Serrano

The Parish Youth Group participates in weekly meetings, special events, service projects, trips and retreats.