Attendance / Early Dismissal / Lateness

Attendance Policy

  • The Diocese of Metuchen only allows 3 absences per year.
  • Please call the PREP Office if your child is going to be absent.
  • Students are expected to bring their books each week to class.
  • Students are expected to make up missed work due to an absence/illness.

Students are expected to be present for each class unless illness or another serious reason prevents their attendance. If a situation arises, please call the PREP Office to make us aware of such a situation. If your child is absent, please send in a note of explanation signed by a parent to their next class.

Each course of study at each grade level is done sequentially. Many absences makes it impossible for your child to grasp concepts. Perhaps more importantly – a child who only comes occasionally will not have a sense of “belonging”. Developing a sense of community and an identity with the parish are vital aspects of our overall program.

Students absent more than three (3) classes, (any combination of absences, early dismissal or lateness, that equals 3) will be required to complete SUMMER HOME STUDY under the guidance of a parent before advancing to the next level. You will be notified if home study is necessary.

If your child becomes ill, you will be called and asked to pick-up your child in the PREP Office.

Early Dismissal Policy

  • Please do not schedule doctor/dentist appointments during class time.
  • Early dismissal for any type of sports related activity is not permitted.
  • A student leaving early MUST have a reasonable excuse signed by their parent and give it to the catechist at the start of class. The catechist will send the note to the PREP Office. Parents must come to the PREP Office to sign out their child.

Lateness Policy


Lateness interferes greatly with a child’s progress and is disruptive to both the catechist and to the class. Young children become disoriented and upset when arriving late. Students arriving late may have difficulty finding their classes when special events are scheduled. It is very important for children to arrive on time each week.