PREP Curriculum for Levels 1, 2 & 3

Levels 1 & 3

The children learn and experience our faith by hearing and “breaking open” the Word of God from the approaching Sunday Liturgy. We explain scripture to the children on their own level of development and experience, so that they may participate more fully (along with their families) in our Sunday Liturgies – the centerpiece of our lived faith.

Each child will receive a workbook entitled “What the Church Believes and Teaches.” This workbook helps the catechist and parents review and reinforce the basic teachings that need to be mastered before the child moves on to the next level.

Level 1 (Usually Grade 1)

PRAYERS: Sign of the Cross ~ Our Father ~ Hail Mary ~ Glory Be Download
CALENDARS: Choose your day - Tuesday Thursday Saturday

Each week the children will receive “Promise” published by Pflaum which provides activities and stories that help children learn about God the way they learn about the world around them – through simple, sense-involving activities and reflections of their own experiences. Each week presents a theme based on the upcoming Sunday Readings, and has parent suggestions for reinforcing learning at home.

If your family has not been attending Mass on a regular basis, please make every effort to attend Sunday Liturgy, as your child will be studying the Mass and starting to prepare for First Penance and First Eucharist.

Level 2 (Usually Grade 2)

PRAYERS: Sign of the Cross ~ Our Father ~ Hail Mary ~ Glory Be ~Act of Contrition ~ Mass Responses Download
CALENDARS: Choose your day - Tuesday Thursday Saturday

In Level 2, the emphasis shifts to a study of the sacraments as the children review Baptism and prepare for the reception of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Your family’s attendance at weekend Mass is of utmost importance to your child’s readiness to receive these sacraments.

First Penance Program – September to December

Parents must attend a First Penance Meeting in November (during your child’s PREP class) - Dates TBD.

To initiate children into the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we use the program “Reconciliation – We Are Your People, The Sheep of Your Flock” published by RCL. This book is rooted in a comprehensive sacramental theology that includes ritual, prayer, scripture, Catholic doctrine and reflection, which is designed to help children understand and participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Penance). It also gives the child an opportunity for moral education and conscience formation.

First Communion Program – January to May

Parents must attend a First Communion Meeting in January (during your child’s PREP class)- Dates TBD.

To initiate children into the Eucharist, we use the program “Eucharist – Do This in Memory of Me” published by RCL. Through their life experience (as presented in this program), the child gradually and progressively is initiated into the life of the Eucharist, culminated by their First Communion.

Level 3 (Usually Grade 3)

PRAYERS: Grace Before / After Meals ~ Our Father ~ Hail Mary ~ Glory Be ~ Sign of the Cross ~ Act of Contrition Download
CALENDARS: Choose your day - Tuesday Thursday Saturday

“Good News” published by Pflaum uses stories based on the theme of the Sunday Gospel to help children remember and express their own experiences. “Good News” asks the children to look for the connection between their own lives and the upcoming Sunday Gospel, using prayer, song and activities.

Children in Level 3 will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during class time in the fall. Please check the calendar for date.