Parking Lot Policy

All drivers who enter the St. Thomas parking lot are expected to demonstrate the highest level of courtesy and respect in order to ensure everyone’s safety. Safety procedures MUST BE IN EFFECT AT ALL TIMES. Drivers are expected to follow the directions of the Old Bridge Police Officer at all times and failure to follow the Police Officer’s direction will result in a violation.


  1. During nice weather, students will gather in the “Safety Zone” and will enter the school by grade. Please park your car and walk your child to the “Safety Zone”. For parents of younger children, please remain with your child until he/she is brought into the building.
  2. During inclement weather, students will be admitted into the school building as soon as they arrive and will line-up in the school hallways. Parents can drop-off students in front of the school. Stop your car and direct your child to depart from your vehicle on the passenger side. Once your child is out of the car, you may drive away.

Students line up by grade level in the “Safety Zone” prior to the beginning of class. Please arrive five minutes before class time. (Supervision of your children begins five minutes before class time.) Please do not leave children unsupervised in the parking lot. At the direction of their catechists, students will proceed in an orderly fashion into the building.


  1. Park your vehicle in any of the empty parking.
  2. Leave your car and proceed to the “SAFETY ZONE”.
  3. Pick-up your child as he/she leaves through the main doors of the school. Students are not permitted to leave the front of the school building unless accompanied by an adult.
  4. DO NOT PARK IN THE FIRE LANE while waiting for your child. (THE FIRE LANE INCLUDES THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL BUILDING. Do not park along the sidewalk in front of the school. )
  5. Proceed with your child to your parked
  6. Exit north by way of the “middle” driveway (toward East Brunswick.)
  7. The Barkley Road driveway IS NOT open for entrance or exit.
  8. The Highway 18 exit in front of the school IS NOT open for exit.


  • Parents must meet their child at the front doors of the school only. Children ARE NOT PERMITTED to meet their parents in front of the church, down the sidewalk or roam the parking lot looking for their ride home.
  • Children will not be permitted to go home with a visibly impaired driver, if necessary, the police will be called.
  • Parents are responsible to ensure timely pick-up of their children from PREP. Regular late pick-ups are difficult on PREP staff and will be addressed by the PCL.