PREP Student Page

Required Prayers

The following prayers are part of the Catholic tradition and should be a foundational part of our prayer lives. When helping your child memorize prayers, take them one line at a time. Practice with your child until he or she knows it. A good time to practice might be when you're driving with him or her in the car, at mealtime and at bedtime. Your child may also find that writing out the prayers is a good way to practice.

Please find below a list of the required prayers by grade level. Your child will be responsible to learn and be able to recite their prayers. Please print out several copies of your child’s prayers for your convenience and place in different areas, for example: on your refrigerator, next to your child’s bed, in your car. Click each level to download.

Student Class Calendars

Below you will find your child’s class calendar. On this calendar you will be able to see where your child is in their books as well as what they are discussing and learning about in class. The calendar is also an important way to make up any work missed due to absence and to see when there is and isn’t PREP class (also see the Parent Calendar for a full list of PREP classes).

Please go the day your child attends PREP and then select your child’s level listed underneath that day.