Mission and Purpose

Our Parish Mission Statement

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish is a Christian Community of the Roman Catholic Tradition of the Diocese of Metuchen.

  •    We are a People who freely and joyfully gather for prayer and worship.
  •    We are a People who stand beside one another on the journey of knowledge and growth in what it means to be Disciples of Christ.
  •    We are a People who are called by Jesus Christ to be a caring and compassionate family.
  •    We are called – in His name – to serve others.
  •    We are a People who are called to be open and hospitable to all.
  •    We are called to welcome the stranger.
  •    We are called to extend Christ’s love and embrace all who come to Him in faith, hope and love.

Our Statement of Purpose

In fidelity to our parish Mission Statement, St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) strives to provide an atmosphere where children and youth can experience God’s love through a growing knowledge of Jesus and the Gospel message, can experience community through worship and prayer and can gradually commit themselves, according to their age and ability, to living out Christian values in their everyday life.

St. Thomas PREP and the parish community look to the family, the “ domestic church” as the most important Christian influence; since it is in the home that a child learns that faith. Religious formation classes reinforce the traditions of that faith and each child’s Roman Catholic identity while the parish supports the child in learning to celebrate that faith in community.

St. Thomas PREP commits itself to close collaboration with the family and the parish community to fulfill its purpose.