PREP Curriculum

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Confirmation Prepartion – Levels 6, 7 & 8       


Family worship at Mass is the most important part of our curriculum . As the primary and principal educators of your children, it is important that you are faithful to Church. Worship with your children at a weekend Liturgy. Let them see young and old alike at Mass in community prayer and celebration. Remember that they cannot bring themselves, so you, who are their greatest influence, must show them the way. Children in Levels 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during class time. Please check the grade level calendar for specific dates. Also, please take advantage of our special Family Liturgies (click on Family Liturgies to the left of this page for dates and times.)


In each level, parents are asked to teach and help their child(ren) memorize the following prayers:
LEVEL 1:   Sign of Cross   Our Father Hail Mary ~ Glory Be
LEVEL 2:  Act of Contrition  ~ Mass Repsonses
LEVEL 3:  Grace Before/After Meals Review of : Our Father  Hail Mary  Glory Be Sign of Cross
LEVEL 4:   Apostles Creed ~ Act of Contrition
LEVEL 5 : Rosary/Mysteries Apostles’ Creed  Act of Contrition
LEVEL 6:   Prayer of St. Francis ~ Stations of the Cross
LEVEL 7:   Mass Prayers/Responses ~ Review of all prayers
LEVEL 8:   Review of all prayers

Your children will be held accountable for the prayers above according to the dates on their calendar.

Children “learn” religion through experience; particularly by watching and imitating those they love best. Faith is something that is “caught” rather than “taught”. Classroom learning informs, gives data, and reinforces what the children should be experiencing.

There will be times during the year when your child’s catechist will assign supplemental work that will need your supervision. In addition, parents of children in all grade levels are asked to teach their children the prayers assigned to each level. Please see our website for grade level prayers. At the discretion of the catechist and PCL, a student may not be allowed to continue to the next level if he/she has not completed assigned work and memorized prayers.


Check these websites that offer continued faith formation and activities for you and your children: