Christmas Season

12-19-2021Pastor's LetterRev. Jerome A. Johnson

My Dear Friends,

“... the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1.5)
A few weeks ago, I received a Christmas card from a brother priest in a neighboring parish that had a beautiful silhouette of the newborn Jesus in the manger along with Mary and Joseph and the bible verse above inscribed by the star. For some reason, this verse resonated with me and has stayed with me for the better part of a week.

We have come to the end of another very challenging year that has seen some ‘normalcy’ return to our lives; yet there is still much uncertainty in our world. But through it all, the light of Christ shines amidst the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome this light. This is the cause of our joy as we get ready to celebrate Christmas... because no matter what may be happening in the world, we will join the angels in song on Christmas Eve when we cele- brate the birth of our Messiah. God himself comes to inter- vene in our history in order to definitively set things right.

Not so long ago, none of us could possibly have imagined what these last two years would bring, but we have to see the hand of God at work in our lives especially in times of trial. Mary and Joseph had to trust God completely when they had to make the long trek to Bethlehem and then again when they had to flee into Egypt. We ask Mary and Joseph to help us trust God as they trusted him.

May we be people of faith and joy that rejoices in the light and hope that Christmas brings. This light truly does shine in a world full of darkness, and this light must penetrate our hearts. We are called to be the light of Jesus to the world, so that one person at a time, one soul at a time, we can start bringing that light to a world that so desperately needs it.

On behalf of myself and all the priests, deacons and entire Staff of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish and School, I pray that you and your family have a Blessed Christmas and a grace filled New Year. You will all be remembered in our Christmas Masses.

God bless,
Fr. Jay