Mass & Worship Times

The restoration of Masses with a congregation will be a phased approach and will begin on June 12. The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass will remain in effect until further notice. Limited capacity - 25 people at weekday Masses and 90 people at weekend Masses - and 6 feet physical distancing and the wearing of masks in the church will be practiced. Our church pews are marked for seating that will accommodate families (in the short sections of pews) and couples and individuals. There will be sign-ups for Mass attendance on our website, and also by phone for those without internet access. This will be necessary for both weekday and weekend.

SaturdayAug 08

  • 4:00 pm Mass(Also live-streamed)

    † Paul Casale, † Brelin Menezes, † Thomas Toolan

SundayAug 09

  • 8:00 am Mass(Also live-streamed)

    † Kathleen Donnelly

  • 10:00 am Mass(Also live-streamed)

    † Sharon Parker, Parishioners Living and Deceased

  • 12:00 pm Mass(Also live-streamed, followed by distribution of Holy Communion)

    † Resurrecion Cabio

MondayAug 10

  • 12:15 pm Mass(Also live-streamed)

    † Marie Conlon, † Lorraine Gajezis

TuesdayAug 11

  • 12:15 pm Mass(Also live-streamed)

    † Donald Gardner, † John Corcoran

WednesdayAug 12

  • 12:15 pm Mass(Also live-streamed)

    † Richard Treacy,† Paul Casale

ThursdayAug 13

  • 12:15 pm Mass(Also live-streamed)

    † Robert (Sonny) Lynch, † Katherine Cappe􏰓a

FridayAug 14

  • 12:15 pm Mass(Also live-streamed)

    † Marie Isola

Mass Schedule

Church will be open 15 minutes before each Mass. ALL Masses will continue to be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

Monday - Friday 12:15pm
Saturday 4:00 Vigil (90 people)
Sunday 8:00am, 10:00am (90 people), 12:00pm (90 people) with lot distribution parking in designated areas)

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 12:30pm and after the 5:30pm Mass

Communal Penance Services are held during Lent and Advent with a number of visiting clergy present to assist with individual confessions.

Eucharistic Adoration

Friday 10:00-11:30am (if no funeral)