Confirmation 2022-2023

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Confirmation Program at St. Thomas the Apostle. This is an exciting time for you and your family.

Confirmation is the last of the Sacraments of Initiation. At your child’s Baptism, promises were made to raise your child in our faith. Confirmation seals the Gifts of the Holy Spirit within us and strengthens the graces received at Baptism. Confirmation is transformative in that we become the person Christ created us to be. Through Confirmation we are called to actively live the faith of the Church as disciples of Christ “to go make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:30

Throughout this Confirmation preparation process, it is important to remember and to emphasize to your child that Confirmation is a beginning and not an ending of faith preparation. Our faith is a lifelong journey. Jesus is continually calling us to a deeper relationship if our hearts are open to Him.

  • ALL CANDIDATES ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND MASS EVERY SATURDAY EVENING OR SUNDAY. As parents you are the primary educators in your child’s faith and it is imperative that you attend Mass every week.
  • ST. THOMAS MASS SCHEDULE: Saturday evening: 4:00pm & on Sunday at: 8:00am, 10:00am and 12:00pm.

PLEASE CAREFULLY LOOK AT ALL THE INFORMATION GIVEN TO YOU IN YOUR FOLDER AND MAKE SURE THAT ALL FORMS ARE COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO THE PREP OFFICE BY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 IN THE FOLDER. It is most important to return all the necessary paperwork on time. Any questions, please call the PREP Office at 732-251-1660.

Our Confirmation candidates, parents and sponsors must take Confirmation preparation seriously and prayerfully. The goal for all involved is to deepen your relationship with God and each other. Be an active participant with your child during this process. Confirmation is not an ending, but a beginning of a life of Christian service and worship.

May the grace and peace of the Holy Spirit be with you and your child during this important time of preparation.

Debbie Yesis
Parish Catechetical Leader