Family Life Education (All Levels)

As mandated by our Bishop, our program includes Family Life Education. Our text is published by RCL Benziger. The material of the Family Life program is organized according to these five themes:

  1. God’s Gift of Family: The core of the program is Christian family living. It is our goal to help young people respect the family and its mission of teaching and transmitting values.
  2. God’s Gift of Self: It is our goal to guide young people in their spiritual, moral, physical, mental and emotional growth. An appreciation for God’s gift of self and for one’s strengths and weaknesses are fundamental to achieve this.
  3. God’s Gift of Life: An essential aspect of growth and maturity is learning to respect and honor all people. It is our goal to give young people an appreciation of the sacredness of life.
  4. God’s Gift of Love: Young people need to develop a gradual and wholesome understanding of the gift of human sexuality as part of their calling to live a chaste life.
  5. God’s Gift of Community: Young people will learn the skills needed for healthy relationships and responsible living, and those needed to follow the Gospel in all aspects of society.

The Parent Connection pamphlet accompanies your child’s text for additional home study and discussion and offers you help for understanding Catholic teaching related to the five themes with practical tips for improving parent-child communication.